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   How does the process work? 


Taxpayer can come in the office or call us if they are in the United States and receive a free estimate/quote on their refund. No personal information is needed. If the Taxpayer is satisfied with the estimate provided, Taxpayer will then go through the application process. They will be able to review all the documents before they are transmitted to the IRS. Once ALL documents are reviewed, and signed by the Taxpayer the return will be sent to the IRS awaiting Acceptance which can take up to 24 Hours. Once they have accepted the Return the Taxpayer can begin tracking their refund on the IRS website 24 hours from acceptance. 


Additional Information


Q: Where do i have to live to get my taxes done with you guys?


A: As long as you live in any of the 50 states of The Unites States


Q: How can I receive my MONEY??


A: You can receive your money via Direct Deposit, Check, Green Dot® Card, or Wal Mart® Direct to Cash and American Express® Cards


Q: Who is 1st Money Center?


A: 1st Money Center is the lender for the PreFUND product.


Q:How do the PreFUND work?


A: After the return is transmitted and the IRS acknowledges and accepts the return, the taxpayer will receive an email and/or text alert from 1st Money Center requesting that the taxpayer visit to complete the PreFUND application and agree to the terms and conditions. 1st Money Center will then notify the taxpayer whether they are approved or denied for the loan. Approved taxpayers will receive an email and/or text alert from Green Dot within 24 hours after approval indicating that their Green Dot Card is activated and funds are available.


Q: What if the refund doesn’t fund?


A: There is no recourse against the tax professional or the taxpayer if the refund does not fund.



Q: When is PreFUND available?


A: PreFUND is available from the first day of filing through the end of February.


Q: When are the loans issued?


A: PreFUND loans are approved upon IRS accepted acknowledgement (ACK) with funds disbursed within 24 hours of loan approval.


Q: Is PreFUND available to EROs that are new to clients ?


A: Yes, PreFUND is available to new and existing clients. Taxpayers that are new to TPG are eligible too.



Q: How will you receive PreFUND?


A: You will leave their tax professional’s office with a Green Dot Card in hand or mail to your address. Funds for the loan amount will be loaded onto the taxpayer’s card upon loan approval. The refund proceeds may be disbursed to the customer by all traditional RT disbursement methods which include deposit to Green Dot Card, check printed in the ERO office, direct deposit or Walmart Direct2Cash.


Q: Will my name be printed on the Green Dot Card?


A: Because the card is offered in-office it will be a generic card, but a personalized card will be mailed to qualified clients.


Q: With taxpayers filing joint returns, will both taxpayers’ names be printed on the personalized Green Dot Card that is mailed to the taxpayers?


A: Taxpayers will receive one instant issue Green Dot Card when they leave the tax professional’s office, and a personalized card will be printed in the name of the primary taxpayer and mailed to the residence of qualified taxpayers. The spouse can request a second personalized card through the Green Dot website once the initial card has been received.3

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