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Get More Money!!!

And Get It Faster!!!

with Badie Alliance!!

Badie Alliance Tax Service has been in business for over 10 years, providing service to clients in all 50 states. We have dedicated our company to providing outstanding customer service, in offering our clients the maximum refund allowed by the IRS. We offer our clients more than just Tax Preparation, we offer services such as Student Loan Consolidation, and Credit Repair. Our Tax Preparation Service comes with the options to receive your tax refund Direct Deposit, Check, or a Green Dot Visa Pre-Paid Card. Not only do we offer services so you can obtain your money quickly, we also offer The PreFund. The Pre-Fund offers you to receive partial of your Tax Refund in as little as 24 hours. We are a certified IRS E-File Provider and have a successful tax rate of 97%. We have properly processed millions of dollars of tax returns to our clients on time, with the fastest refund allowed by the IRS

Get money in 24 hours with our

Brand NEW this year we are giving out Two Loans one Jan 2 and one mid Jan. A tax time loan that gets cash to you before you can access your refund.


  • Loans increased $500 to $6,000 nationwide *

  • low cost to you **

  • High approval rates

  • Green Dot-powered marketing resources Or Check!!!!!!!!

  • Call Dec 1st to enroll!!!!







we work along with the best like :

You can receive your refund in cash (up to $7,500) from participating Walmart locations for a $7 fee.

  • No check to print

  • You will be notified when cash is ready for pickup











Monthly Charge: $5

No monthly charge 1st 30 days. Charge will be waived when taxpayer has loaded $1,000 or more to card in the previous monthly period.*

Simple Fee Plan


Purchase TransactionsFREE

First ATM WithdrawalFREE

Real-Time Text/Email Alerts
Carrier message & data rates applyFREE

Replace Card$3

Foreign Use Percentage Fee
3% of transaction amount3%

Mobile App DownloadFREE


Getting Cash


Cash Off Card
At any Walmart Customer Service CenterFREE

Cash Withdrawal at ATMs
Plus any bank or ATM owner fees$2.50

Balance Inquiry
Plus any bank or ATM owner fees$0.50


Reload Funds


Direct Deposit of Your Pay
or Government benefitsFREE

Walmart Check Cashing Standard Walmart Check Cashing fees and limits apply. Not available in all states or storesFREE RELOAD

Walmart Rapid Reload
Not available in VT$3

Load Cash at Non-Walmart Retailers
Where Green Dot** Products are Sold (7-Eleven, Walgreens, etc.)up to $4.95


* A person-to-person transfer is not considered a load or reload for the purpose of waiving the Monthly Charge.
**Optional services may be offered for a fee.









Audit Protection comes with our service ,so no need to worry!

  • Checks up to $9,500 cashed for a fee of $10

  • Wells Fargo has over 6,300 locations nationwide











Identity theft Protection

Our services comes with our id theft program and covers up to $1 million claims.

  • Checks up to $7,500 cashed for a maximum fee of $6

  • Walmart has over 5,000 locations nationwide











Access Money


ATM Withdrawals

Withdraw funds at any ATM nationwide, now without the $2,000 monthly ATM limit.2

Get FREE ATM withdrawals at over 24,000 MoneyPass® ATMs.3 Visit for locations.



Serve can be used in store or online, virtually anywhere American Express® Cards are accepted.

Free Online Bill Pay

Saves time and postage by paying bills like car payments and phone bills online.

How To Use Our New App


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